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Growing a business and excelling in an industry is no small feat. Having your business achievements recognised and celebrated in front of 1,000+ business leaders and being crowned a Business All-Star would be a major accomplishment.

Whether you’re a new business or a large business trading internationally, you could be in the running to win a Business All-Star. On April 19th, All-Stars host Kathryn Thomas will announce the winners at the 2018 All-Ireland Business Summit in Croke Park.

So now it's your chance to be an All-Star winner. Register your entry now!

All-Star New Business of the Year
Have you started your business in the last 3 years (i.e. not before 1st Jan 2015)? If you are hitting your targets for growth and proving to be a mover / shaker in your industry, then apply to be recognised for your achievements.

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All-Star Micro Business of the year
If you have fewer than 9 employees, with turnover less than €2m, have demonstrated strong revenue growth and believe you have a product or service of a quality that stands above your competitors, then apply to have this recognised.

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All-Star Small Business of the Year
With 10-50 employees and a turnover less than €10 million, you believe that your business is an All-Star and you have what it takes to be recognised at a national level.

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All-Star Medium Business of the Year
You might be medium in size (i.e. less than 250 employees, with turnover more than €10 million and less than €50 million) but you are big in achievements - apply to have these recognised!

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All-Star Large Business of the Year
You are leading the way in terms of your size and scale (more than 250 employees, with turnover more than €50 million). Why not have your growth and presence in the Irish marketplace recognised as an All-Star!

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All-Star Family Run Business of the year
Are you a family owned business that has been built from the ground up and sustained the test of time? We are looking for a company that shows evidence of effective leadership, family aspirations, values and a vision for positive performance in the future.

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All-Star Export / Internationally Focused Business of the year
Are you an Irish business who is exporting your goods or services? Are you planning to grow your overseas operations? If you can demonstrate your export plans for sustainable growth then why not have your achievements recognised?

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All-Star Technology Business of the Year
Many of Silicon Valley’s tech success stories were born & bred here in Ireland. Let us recognise our Irish tech champions, so if you’re a business within which technology is a key element and continuous development of technology is a major function of the business, then you can apply.

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All-Star Ecommerce Business of the year
Are you an online retailer or a company who trades online as either a standalone business or as part of an established brand, then you can apply to be recognised as an All-Star.

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All-Star Innovative / Disruptive Business of the year
Is your business an innovator or perhaps a disruptor? This award recognises businesses which either offer a new unique product or service, or have created a new exciting approach to traditional methods. Maybe you’re that disruptor! Apply to be recognised as an All-Star!

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All-Star Customer Focused Business of the year
Can your business demonstrate their focus on delivering excellent customer service and value to customers? This Award will go to the organisation that can best demonstrate how its customer service strategy contributed to increased growth or market share.

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All-Star Food & Drinks Business of the year
Are you a Food or Drink business showing real commitment to local food and drink. Judges will take into account use of local produce, local suppliers, innovative products and services. If you are one of these great businesses, then apply to be recognised.

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All-Star Agri Business of the year
We want to recognise the diverse Irish agricultural sector which plays a strategic role in the economic development of our country. So if you’re a business involved in agriculture, agri-business or food production you can apply to be crowned an All-Star!

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All-Star Made In Ireland
Let’s celebrate all that's great about manufacturing in Ireland and shine a light on our most innovative and dynamic manufacturers. Apply to be recognised as an All-Star!

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All-Star Community Focused business of the year
Is your business a giver? If your business supports the community through your activities or you help support the community through donations or resources, then apply to be recognised for your positive contribution.

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All-Star Use of Irish Language
Are you a proud Irish based business who embraces Irish culture and language? Are you helping to keep our unique identity and mother tongue alive through your practices? If so, then let us know about them & apply to be recognised as an All-Star?

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All-Star Charity / Non-Profit of the year
Are you a charity or non-profit organization registered in Ireland whose primary objectives are serving the greater good and making a difference in people's lives? If so, then apply to be championed for your endeavours.

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All-Star Female Led Business of the year
Do you know that female-led companies doubled the return of the average company globally over the last 8 years? If you’re a female business leader (business owner or holder of a senior leadership position) then apply to be recognised as the Champion that you are!.

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All-Star CEO / MD of the Year
Let’s recognise and reward the most successful and innovative CEOs / MDs who have delivered outstanding results, made a vital contribution to the vibrancy of business, community development and nation building as well as leading an inspirational lifestyle.

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All-Star Boss of the year
Bosses are often the primary reason for people either loving or leaving their jobs. Is your boss the umbilical cord that connects you & your colleagues to the business. If you are one of the lucky employees who has a great boss, don’t take that relationship for granted - nominate them to be recognised as an All-Star Boss.

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All-Star Employee of the year
In order to achieve the company goals, employees play an important role. If you are that employee or wish to champion a colleague who is an asset to the organization as well as his department, then let us know who they are! They should be enthusiastic & willing to take up more initiatives apart from their regular job routine.

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Business All-Stars Timeline

  • Expression of Interest

    1st Dec 2017 onwards
  • Applications Open

    24th Jan 2018
  • Submission Deadline

    8th Feb 2018
  • Judging Round 1 Begins

    12th Feb 2018
  • All-Stars Shortlist Announcement

    Week Commencing 5th March 2018
  • All-Stars Finalists Announcement

    Week Commencing 19th March 2018
  • Judging Round 2 – Live pitches

    19th April, Croke Park
  • All-Stars Winners Announcement

    19th April at the Business All-Stars Awards 2018

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